ESA BIC Greece support available via Corallia

ESA BICs Greece provide support to start-ups to turn their space-connected business ideas into commercial companies.

Currently there are are 22 ESA BICs in Europe across 60 locations. Over 1000 start-ups have already benefited from ESA Business Incubation with over 700 million Euro worth of investment.

The ESA BIC Greece is managed by Space2Waves partner Corallia, a unit of the Research Center Athena. The objective of the ESA BIC Greece is to create and strengthen the community of successful space related start-ups in Greece by supporting 25 incubatees over the period of 5 years under the ESA BIC scheme.

The incubated start-ups should either exploit space technology in non-space markets (spin-off) or become suppliers to the space sector (spin-in). The ESA BIC Greece is providing support to the start-ups such that they can develop their business and their technology until they are ready to leave the incubation phase and continue operating and growing without support from the incubator. This is being accomplished in collaboration with more than 65 supporting organisations. Those supporters are Ministries and Public Agencies, Universities, Research Centers, Industry, Financing Institutions, Associations and Networks, other ESA BICs and Civil Society NFPs in Greece and ESA Members. The ESA BIC Greece is under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Digital Governance and has identified as a key element in the development plan of the Greek Space Industry.

The incentive will be maximum 50,000 EURO in cash (non-equity funding) covering costs incurred for Product/Service Development and IPR (e.g. patenting or acquiring licenses). In addition to the cash incentive, the ESA BIC Greece provides the incubatees with a maximum of 80 hrs technical support necessary for and directly related to the activity of the incubatee, 50 hours of business development support and 10 hours of IPR/legal advice. The Support will be provided for the duration of the Incubation and is offered on a best effort basis.

Incubation will take place at Corallia's facilities in Attica, Greece, where it involves the fully equipped Innovation Hub of Athens (innohub).

ESA BIC Greece has a Permanent Open Call. Applicants can submit their application anytime at However, there are fixed cut-off dates during the year when evaluation takes place for all applications submitted before a certain cut-off date. The next cut off date is 21st February 2022.

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Posted 2022-01-11 15:55:05

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