Space2Waves South Africa Showcase and Matchmaking event; 3rd March 2022, 10am-12pm CET, Online

This South Africa Showcase event is part of the activities to build trade bridges between EU SMEs and South African organisations. The event will take place on 3rd March 2022 from 10.00am to 12.00pm CET online.

Space2Waves aims to accelerate the global deployment of earth observation technologies in blue growth sectors and is supporting 30 European SMEs competitiveness to export to Australia, Canada, South Africa and the UAE.

The Space2Waves project is working with South African organisations to develop commercial opportunities between the two regions. The organisations involved are all active in one of the following sectors of Space2Waves:

* Fisheries
* Port infrastructure
* Maritime transport
* Aquaculture
* Climate change
* EEZ Surveillance

This showcase event will bring together numerous participating clusters, associations and companies, predominantly SMEs, from Europe and South Africa, to promote networking opportunities aimed at enabling the participants to:

* Explore trade, investment and partnering opportunities; and
* Initiate discussions that will ultimately result in Letters of Interest, Memorandum of Understanding, and other types of partnership agreements.

South African companies and EU SME organisations with an interest in this event can find out more at the following link and register their interest.

During the opening session, participants will have a chance to experience successful collaborations first-hand between EU and South Africa clusters as well as firms in the space and maritime sectors. It will highlight trade opportunities between the EU and South Africa linked to space and maritime.

After the opening session, there will be guest speakers from operators, policymakers, companies and leaders in space and maritime in South Africa.

The remainder of the time is dedicated to one-to-one matchmaking sessions and private break out rooms between clusters, associations and companies. These will be pre-booked sessions by Edale with the participants and will provide an opportunity for private discussions.

To register your interest follow the link:

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Posted 2022-01-11 13:56:55

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