Space2Waves Newsletter #3 January 2022

Welcome to the third Space2Waves project newsletter, January 2022

Welcome to the third Space2Waves newsletter which includes updates on recent project activities, testimonials from SME participants, as well as news of upcoming events and funding and support opportunities.

Space2Waves is a project funded by the COSME programme that was launched in September 2020.

The project is supporting 30 European SMEs using or creating EO technologies with a tailor-made programme to assist them in accessing the 4 target markets of Australia, Canada, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates which have been identified as having the highest potential for growth for European SMEs. To find out about the SMEs being supported on the programme please visit:

Space2Waves brings together the cooperation of 6 European clusters from 5 European countries; France, Greece, Portugal, the UK and Italy. The project will run for 24 months until August 2022 under the coordination of Pôle Mer Méditerranée.

To be kept up to date with the project and related events and activities please sign up to the Interest Group at the following link:

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Update on the Space2Waves Internationalisation Programme

The training phase of the Space2Waves programme is about to be finalized with the selected SMEs benefiting from the project activities.

To date, the 30 selected SMEs (which can be viewed here ) have attended several country webinars highlighting opportunities and barriers of the blue economy markets in the target countries.

To complete their training, SMEs received Individual and personalised consulting session to focus on specific business needs.

SMEs are now ready to internationalise! The next phase of the project is now ongoing and the matchmaking missions in the target countries are under preparation. Due to the Covid crisis and restricted travel conditions, the missions will have a hybrid format. SMEs are now preparing their digital B2Bs to start building relationships virtually with local stakeholders before the country visit.

Stay tuned for more information! We are grateful to all the participants and the partner programs for helping grow the Space2Waves community.

If you have colleagues who would like to be kept informed of the Space2Waves project ask them to sign up to the Interest Group at the following link:

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Visit to Space Week at Expo Dubai from project partner DTA

Space2Waves project partner, DTA, recently visited Space Week (17th-23rd October 2021) at Expo Dubai representing the Apulia Region in Italy.

DTA, as the stakeholder representing the Apulia region, facilitates the competitiveness of its members through participation in internationalisation programmes.

In the Space2Waves project, DTA is responsible for the UAE market for developing space solutions for the Blue Economy.

During Space Week at Expo Dubai, DTA took the opportunity to promote the Space2Waves project and activities in order to develop relationships and connections between the European SMEs and the emerging UAE market and facilitate capacity and opportunities.

During the event, DTA's President, Giuseppe Acierno presented 'Journey into beauty and innovation: from Apulia to Space'; the theme of the exhibit from Apulia.

The visit by DTA representatives to the Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park was useful to open the way to future cooperation with European SMEs from the Space2Waves project. The center was established in 2016 in order to create an innovative and multicultural environment that promotes the collaboration between Research and Development and enterprise activities under the triple helix of industry, government and academia.

Located close to the modern University of Sharjah, the center employs many young and motivated staff from local enterprises to ensure investment in the local market. For more information visit:

Following this initial contact with the UAE region, DTA will be working in close cooperation with the Space2Waves partners and the Apulia Region to organise a match-making mission for the SMEs participating in the project. The aim will be to capitalise on the experience of Space Week and develop the Blue Economy themes that are relevant in the region where water is so important for the economy and well-being.

Posted 2021-12-07 15:23:47

Space2Waves South Africa Showcase and Matchmaking event; 3rd March 2022, 10am-12pm CET, Online

This South Africa Showcase event is part of the activities to build trade bridges between EU SMEs and South African organisations. The event will take place on 3rd March 2022 from 10.00am to 12.00pm CET online.

Space2Waves aims to accelerate the global deployment of earth observation technologies in blue growth sectors and is supporting 30 European SMEs competitiveness to export to Australia, Canada, South Africa and the UAE.

The Space2Waves project is working with South African organisations to develop commercial opportunities between the two regions. The organisations involved are all active in one of the following sectors of Space2Waves:

* Fisheries
* Port infrastructure
* Maritime transport
* Aquaculture
* Climate change
* EEZ Surveillance

This showcase event will bring together numerous participating clusters, associations and companies, predominantly SMEs, from Europe and South Africa, to promote networking opportunities aimed at enabling the participants to:

* Explore trade, investment and partnering opportunities; and
* Initiate discussions that will ultimately result in Letters of Interest, Memorandum of Understanding, and other types of partnership agreements.

South African companies and EU SME organisations with an interest in this event can find out more at the following link and register their interest.

During the opening session, participants will have a chance to experience successful collaborations first-hand between EU and South Africa clusters as well as firms in the space and maritime sectors. It will highlight trade opportunities between the EU and South Africa linked to space and maritime.

After the opening session, there will be guest speakers from operators, policymakers, companies and leaders in space and maritime in South Africa.

The remainder of the time is dedicated to one-to-one matchmaking sessions and private break out rooms between clusters, associations and companies. These will be pre-booked sessions by Edale with the participants and will provide an opportunity for private discussions.

To register your interest follow the link:

Posted 2022-01-11 13:56:55

Doing business in the United Arab Emirates; by Consortis S2W participating SME

Since 2005, CONSORTIS has been striving to provide services that substantially improve people’s everyday lives by combining earth engineering sciences with the latest technology.

The core businesses focus of Consortis is on Geospatial services and Consulting services related to Environmental Engineering, Transportation, Urban and Spatial Planning and other similar fields.

Using an international approach, the business aims to export products and services to foreign markets and, conversely, import novel ideas and solutions from other countries for domestic use.

The Space2Waves Internationalization Program has offered us a forward-looking perspective on scientific and technological innovation since it focuses on the investigation of new forms of collaboration in European's Blue Economy.

While participating in Space2Waves we have had the chance to investigate with the program's consultant, ways to adjust our specific business needs to the market of the United Arab Emirates. Through the individual and personalized consulting sessions we have analyzed our internationalisation attempt and weighed up our options in the UAE. Further sessions are due to develop and optimize a decision-making guide, tailored to our business, covering our next steps to enter this new target market.

Plenty of useful information have also been given to us through the program's workshops, such as cultural tips, local business practices, regulations and foreign investment strategies.

We have had the chance to get to know the other European companies that are taking part in Space2Waves and seek new collaborations and partnerships to exploit new opportunities for improvement, expansion and enrichment of our services and products.

Our aims for CONSORTIS entering the UAE market, will focus on the following four fundamental goals:

* To develop new products and services with the use of EO technologies, aimed to facilitate the state and citizens

* To contribute to the development of space technologies applications

* To further penetrate in the earth observation field

* To develop GIS applications, for the timely, reliable, and accurate management of environmental issues and risks.

For more information about Consortis please visit our website:

Posted 2022-01-11 14:09:21

AQASS looking forward to meeting new organisations at the South African Matchmaking event

British Space2Waves participant AQASS Ltd, who are looking to develop new business in South Africa, have found the preliminary series of webinars and workshops useful in finalising their internationalisation plans and developing their business in general.

This specialist consultancy and R&D company who have expertise in geospatial data science, pollution, ecology and resource management in the aquatic and maritime environmental sectors have been particularly impressed with the one-to-one business support provided by South African experts EDALE.

The company has also found it useful to meet the other SMEs in the South African group and has had on-going discussions with one of the French SMEs to see if there are opportunities for new collaborations.

AQASS are particularly looking forward to the South African Matchmaking event taking place 3rd March 2022, where it hopes to meet with some useful South African organisations in order to showcase their business and develop new commercial opportunities.

For more information about AQASS please visit

Posted 2022-01-12 17:04:20

Space2Waves opening doors for NOVELTIS in Australia

The Space2wave initiative has been very instrumental in opening doors for NOVELTIS in Australia.

NOVELTIS is a leading company that performs innovative scientific engineering and provides customized operational solutions in the fields of Space, Environment, Sustainable Development and Risk Prevention. The team has extensive expertise in multi-source data processing, environmental modelling, big data, artificial intelligence and operational decision support systems.

NOVELTIS Head of Marketing and Sales, Hubert Lafont, commented, 'We have received good support from Space2Waves to identify local companies interested in our know-how which is based on the use of satellite data for the offshore industry. We are looking forward to entering phase 2 of the project and actually gain customers for our services of marine weather information (hindcast, forecast, weather downtime etc). A big thank you to the team involved, both in France and in Australia.'

For more information on the products and services that NOVELTIS offers please follow the link:

Posted 2022-01-11 14:33:23

Elittoral exploring new markets in Canada as part of Space2Waves

The Space2Waves program has given elittoral a real opportunity to explore new markets, in this case Canada, which they already know is highly developed in the field of remote sensing applied to the study of the marine environment.

The Space2Waves program that, in addition to offering participating companies a very precise map of the context of the target market (economic, social, cultural, political, environmental ...), provides information on possible entities (public, private and research bodies ) with which to strengthen commercial and / or collaborative relationships.

The program has specialized advisers in each market who, before the commercial phase (trade missions), work very directly with the participating companies in order to gain a good understanding of their peculiarities, specialized services and expertise.

In short, taking advantage of our participation in the program is crucial to introducing the services of elittoral in Canada; a market that we are exploring together with the project professionals and that we consider offers great opportunities for a marine environmental consulting firm such as elittoral.

Gloria Álvarez Vázquez is the Comercial Director at elittoral (Spain). For more information please visit our website at:

Posted 2022-01-11 15:23:41

Advancing Earth Observation Webinar Series announced

The Advancing Earth Observation Forum has launched their series of webinars which will connect the Earth Observation community every two months from November 2021 to June 2022, leading up to the Forum in August 2022 in Brisbane.

The next webinar will be held on February 2nd, 2022, with the title "Drone-based Earth observation - rapidly growing roles in Earth observation sciences and applications."

To find out more about the upcoming webinars and watch the November 2021 webinar on 'Engaging with Australia's Analytics Data Hubs,' please follow the link:

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ESA BIC Greece support available via Corallia

ESA BICs Greece provide support to start-ups to turn their space-connected business ideas into commercial companies.

Currently there are are 22 ESA BICs in Europe across 60 locations. Over 1000 start-ups have already benefited from ESA Business Incubation with over 700 million Euro worth of investment.

The ESA BIC Greece is managed by Space2Waves partner Corallia, a unit of the Research Center Athena. The objective of the ESA BIC Greece is to create and strengthen the community of successful space related start-ups in Greece by supporting 25 incubatees over the period of 5 years under the ESA BIC scheme.

The incubated start-ups should either exploit space technology in non-space markets (spin-off) or become suppliers to the space sector (spin-in). The ESA BIC Greece is providing support to the start-ups such that they can develop their business and their technology until they are ready to leave the incubation phase and continue operating and growing without support from the incubator. This is being accomplished in collaboration with more than 65 supporting organisations. Those supporters are Ministries and Public Agencies, Universities, Research Centers, Industry, Financing Institutions, Associations and Networks, other ESA BICs and Civil Society NFPs in Greece and ESA Members. The ESA BIC Greece is under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Digital Governance and has identified as a key element in the development plan of the Greek Space Industry.

The incentive will be maximum 50,000 EURO in cash (non-equity funding) covering costs incurred for Product/Service Development and IPR (e.g. patenting or acquiring licenses). In addition to the cash incentive, the ESA BIC Greece provides the incubatees with a maximum of 80 hrs technical support necessary for and directly related to the activity of the incubatee, 50 hours of business development support and 10 hours of IPR/legal advice. The Support will be provided for the duration of the Incubation and is offered on a best effort basis.

Incubation will take place at Corallia's facilities in Attica, Greece, where it involves the fully equipped Innovation Hub of Athens (innohub).

ESA BIC Greece has a Permanent Open Call. Applicants can submit their application anytime at However, there are fixed cut-off dates during the year when evaluation takes place for all applications submitted before a certain cut-off date. The next cut off date is 21st February 2022.

Posted 2022-01-11 15:55:05

ESA Space Solutions

ESA Business Applications' Call for proposals (Direct Negotiation) is always open. Businesses from any sector can apply throughout the year, and the amount of funding may vary according to the project.

The goal of this activity is for the business to develop a new commercial service that utilises one or more space asset (such as Satellite Communications, Earth Observation, Satellite Navigation, Human Spaceflight technologies, and other space assets).

What's on offer:

* Zero-Equity Funding (up to 50% per project)
* Technical and Commercial Guidance
* Access to our Network & Partners
* Brand Credibility

For more information and to learn how to apply visit:

Posted 2021-12-06 15:09:29

Euromaritime Blue Growth Exhibition; 28th - 30th June 2022, Marseille, France

The next edition of EUROMARITIME, Blue Growth exhibition, will be held from Tuesday 28th to Thursday 30th June 2022 in Marseille Parc Chanot. This exhibition will be of interest to Space2Wave SMEs.

The EUROMARITIME exhibition is the biennial meeting of blue growth industrialists, organized by the weekly Le Marin (Ouest-France group) and SOGENA on behalf of GICAN.

This blue economy exhibition aims to be the meeting and business point for the large Euro-Mediterranean maritime region.

5000 visitors from over 40 countries are expected to visit the 260 exhibitors at the exhibition. 30 conferences with over 68 speakers will be envisaged and over 950 B2B meetings.

The event includes all aspects for the Maritime sector including drones and robotics and digitalisation.

For more information please visit:

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